front-end vs back-end development

Front-end vs back-end development

  We have already established the fact that web design and development as a profession overwhelmed by field specific expressions and abbreviations. That makes it hard to understand for untrained minds, like mine. Today, I have added another jargon to the list of words to be...

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My favorite design elements

My favorite web design elements

  There are countless articles and blog posts all over the internet claiming to tell you the ultimate web design elements. Really ambitious, if you ask me. I still believe that these, like many other design related features, are subject to personal taste and beyond all,...

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Why do I like flat design

Why do I like flat design?

  Flat design is at the peak of its popularity, everyone seems to be fond of it. Users and designers equally like it and prefer to use it. I do love it, too, but this wasn’t always the case.   To be frank, the first time I came...

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