responsive web design

When is a website responsive?

  Responsive website, responsive apps, responsive this and that. It appears that in the years everyone wants to be responsive when it comes to online presence, but only a few who is really aware of the true meaning of it. Sadly, I am not one of...

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Friday is funday

  This pun just never gets old, does it? When I decided to start a blog and share tips and tricks, experiences and opinions, I also decided to dedicate Friday to nothing, but fun. A funny video (never about cats…sorry guys, they are just not my cup...

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TACO Blog kick-off

TACO Blog Kick-off

  The time has come. I have prolonged it long enough. I have been avoiding eye contact with my business partner for weeks now, since my blog is still only an idea, an item on my New Year’s resolution list (you know, the one which never...

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