Why do I like flat design

Why do I like flat design?

  Flat design is at the peak of its popularity, everyone seems to be fond of it. Users and designers equally like it and prefer to use it. I do love it, too, but this wasn’t always the case.   To be frank, the first time I came...

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worst ways to treat a customer

10 worst ways to treat a customer – Part 2

  Last week I posted the first two of this list, since I didn`t want to write a mile long article. I wouldn`t read that, would you? So, if you have missed that, check it out here: 10 worst ways to treat a customer – Part...

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Company founding

How did we found our company in Vienna?

  I know that – according to studies and experts – the catchiest titles are the `how to do` types, and I hesitated a lot about the one you can see up there. But to be frank, I am not going to tell you here how...

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Living in Vienna

New Category on the Blog

  Oh, it rhymes. You have no idea what I`m talking about, do you? That can mean only one thing: you are way too young and let me tell you, there were boy bands long before One Direction (it`s a thing, right?). New category on the...

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10 worst ways to treat a customer

10 worst ways to treat a customer – Part 1

  At the first glance, the title might seem a bit harsh, perhaps even exaggerating, but the situations I have experienced will justify it. At least they did to me.   This article is not from the service provider point of view, but from the humble customer who...

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When you learn german

When you learn German

  As you can see, TACO`s headquarter is located in Vienna. And by Vienna, I mean Vienna, Austria and not Vienna, Virginia (USA). Anyhow Living in Vienna - contrary to popular belief - requires a certain level of German knowledge. Don`t get me wrong, you can...

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UX design

What is UX?

  Since I started dealing with usability, I have come across quite a lot fascinating reactions when I talk about my profession. Some people just stare at me without knowing how to react; some might say “Oh, I see” giving me that look, the look of...

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