Jakob Nielsen: What is exciting in UX?

  If you haven't dealt with usability yet, you might not know his name. But if usability is on your to-do list, his name should be one of the firsts to learn. So, let me introduce you Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D. and Principal at Nielsen Norman Group...

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worst ways to treat a customer

10 worst ways to treat a customer – Part 3

  Last week I neglected our series about customer service due to more pressing issues…like a Tom Jones concert. It was important and no one can convince me otherwise. But I do admit, this topic is essential as well, so let`s pick up where we left. Before...

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Usability tips

Practical tips for landing page usability

  Yesterday, I participated in a webinar organized by UserTesting (a user research platform offering among others remote user testing). There is a huge pile of free resources on their website, like ebooks, industry reports, blog and of course webinars, that you can benefit from. No...

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Gretchen Rubin: The 4 Ways to Successfully Adopt New Habits

  Our developer has found this great presentation within the 99U talks. Don`t feel bad about not knowing what 99U is, I didn’t know it either. But it turned out, it`s an organization powered by Behance (an online portfolio showroom for creative works) and it aims...

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vienna concert

One good reason to live in Vienna

  There are many perks of living in Vienna, and I will definitely find some time to write an article about all of them, or at least the main ones. But today I`d like to share one single reason, why I love living here. And this...

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