Clients from hell

Difficult clients or should I say “clients from hell”

  It’s been a while since we were talking about issues in connection with being a service provider. If memory serves, the last related post was about complaints. The main reason of that lies in the source of the articles. This section based on our ongoing...

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what does css stand for

What does CSS stand for?

  Back in June, when I started the blog, my goal was to share our little intermezzos in the field of design. Also, I wanted to give you a taste of the ups and downs of being a startup, being a newcomer in a market which...

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Revolutionizing education

  In the video, I posted last week to celebrate the beginning of school, Sir Ken Robinson explained what is ultimately wrong with the current education system. The answer is quite straight forward: we are educated to be the next generation of academics. He also urged...

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HTML5 banner

HTML5 banner…is it a thing?

  Last week, we were talking about the difference between animated and flash banner. I didn’t know at the time of writing the article that there has been a new type of banner on the rise. And it has been for over a year now. The...

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Rethinking education

  What is the very first thing comes to your mind when you think of September? School. Am I right? As a sign of my pity and compassion for everyone in school, I want to share with you my favorite TED talk about education.   I never had...

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