How To Piss Off A Designer In 40 Seconds

  As I promised back then when we launched our blog, Friday would be dedicated to fun and jokes. Whatever it takes to make you feel like the weekend is an inch away. Today is Friday, plus it's summer and probably everyone on your Facebook is...

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When you learn german

When you learn German

  As you can see, TACO`s headquarter is located in Vienna. And by Vienna, I mean Vienna, Austria and not Vienna, Virginia (USA). Anyhow Living in Vienna - contrary to popular belief - requires a certain level of German knowledge. Don`t get me wrong, you can...

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Friday is funday

  This pun just never gets old, does it? When I decided to start a blog and share tips and tricks, experiences and opinions, I also decided to dedicate Friday to nothing, but fun. A funny video (never about cats…sorry guys, they are just not my cup...

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